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Weerai Music, LLC was established in 2010 to service songwriters, music producers and independent publishing companies. We offer two different types of deals; copyright administration and producer services.

Our Mission

In 2015 - Weerai Music has a roster of writers, composers, producers, artists and independent publishing companies with over 3,000 copyrights administered. This year we will expand our client roster with a focus on writers and producers featured on todays music releases.


Our long term mission is to publish original media content utilizing our networks of creative professionals in entertainment and education.

CEO and Founder

For over a decade Tony Hinds has worked in music publishing and rights management.


In 2002 Tony was part of a three person team that delivered a song catalog containing works performed by Elvis Presley back to the original publisher’s estate through establishing a claim for copyright reversion. Following re-establishing the estate’s ownership rights, the daughter of the original author earned significant royalties and synchronization income.


By 2003 Tony had designed, coded and implemented a copyright and royalty management database application for a longstanding publishing client. The data application provided the publishing company with a robust system for royalty accounting and rights management for close to eight years.


In 2005 Tony secured a copyright infringement settlement with a major music publisher on behalf of a Pastor’s original song and arrangement that was being exploited due to grey areas in the laws relating to public domain. The settlement resulted in the gospel composer earning significant royalties for many years to follow. The Pastor’s litigation attorney commented on Tony’s course of action as being, "the best thing for his client."


By 2007 Tony had, on his own volition, initiated over fourteen foreign sub-publishing deals in all continents of the world and in all major music markets resulting in over a forty percent (40%) increase in his publishing client’s gross income.


Tony has signed (i.e. pitched, negotiated, secured, worked and delivered) well over one hundred and fifty songwriters to publishing and administration deals that have each produced significant earnings for the vast majority involved. In addition to these accomplishments, Tony has been interviewed by the BBC and featured in a motion picture documentary about the music industry.




Copyright Administration

Weerai Music offers copyright administration services to songwriters and music producers.


If you musically contribute to a commercially release by a major label then there is a strong chance that you will have the chance of earning royalties.


Our Job


1: Identify your rights,


2: Put your rights into action, and


3: Tracking of your royalties.


We work with record labels and media companies to ensure that they are paying domestic royalties at the correct rate, share and unit. We register songs with either BMI, ASCAP or SESAC on your behalf and with rights societies all around the world to maximize on your broadcast, live, synchronization and mechanical income.


We account to you directly less our commission.


We have submitted original and exclusively owned tracks for film and television to maximize on our client’s income with success. In various instances we also encouraged collaborations with songwriters, artists, producers and music press.




To be a successful music producer in 2015 you will have to know where you fit within the overall process.


We have many years of active and successful experience working with award-winning music producers and artists on their career. We provide customized services that focus on your goals using our company's core three strengths;


1. Relationship-based Approaches - Combining ten years of individual consulting and five years of business allows us to use our relationships to our client's benefit.


2. Rights Education - When many of our well known clients reference what makes us different - many will reference that we took the time to explain their rights. We have a strong insider's reputation for informing and educating our clients on their rights.


3. Business Strategy - We believe in devising a business strategy for our music producers based on traditional income generation and career longevity. By combining our in-house-technology (360 Catalyst - Rights System) we are positioned to act fast and with transparency.




Music Producer Services

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