The fiery Italian sister artists, DUELLE are an EDM/Hip-Hop duo based out of Miami. Duelle is surely not new to the arts, the sisters are veterans in the dance world competing at a young age and going on to attend the top high school for performing arts in Jacksonville, FL and prestigious colleges as dance majors in New York and Miami. Beginning to sing at a young age as well, the sisters began to build the Duelle Project recording original tracks since 2008. Passionate about music and dance, they strived to bring something fresh to the industry and make history by creatively blending the two art forms. This female duo is definitley a force to be reckoned with. Their powerful ambition and extremely hard work ethic has everyone intrigued with where their career is headed. Generating a huge buzz on some of the top blog sites online already, their highly anticipated EP "COLORBLIND" is gaining a big hype for the full release to drop this summer.


Duelle is currently teamed up with rising EDM producer and DJ, eLLofunk from Jacksonville, FL touring and playing shows all over the southeast and beginning to branch out to major cities all over the US and overseas. Gaining a recognizable appearance and a big hype together, the duo and DJ combo is known as 'Duellofunk' when they come together to throw down and get the crowd raging. Their live show consists of a DJ set and live vocal/dance performances of Duelle's big singles.